October 2015

I had bought an ICIDU AI-707937 4-port USB3-Hub a while ago (2012) but it never worked correctly for me. There where troubles with random disconnects, the hub would reset, USB devices would not enumerate and if it worked then it would only do USB2 speeds. So the conclusion whas that the device was not really usable. After spending almost 3 years in a box I found it again and decided to try if it worked, with the new Windows 10 and all. The random disconnects and other issues where gone but now it enumerated as Superspeed Usb Hub (Non Functional) which would only do USB2 speeds. Still not the desired outcome.

After a small investigation on the internet I found this forum post:

It sounds like the USB 3.0 hub you have is using old firmware. Some early versions of 3.0 hub firmware didn’t work well with Windows – dropped devices, intermittent failures, data corruption, etc. However, as a USB 2.0 hub, these hubs work just fine. So, if Windows 8 detects the old firmware, it will treat the USB 3.0 hub like a USB 2.0 hub.


Sounds like I need a new firmware. After investigation of the USB device identifiers (VID_2109&PID_0810) I found that the used USB chip was a VIA VL810 Superspeed USB Hub Controller. Luckily VIA provides a firmware update for this chip on their website. At the time of writing they have Usb3HubFWUpgrade_Setup_V0.41_VL810_0960.zip available.

I downloaded the archive and installed the tool, plugged in the AC supply and the USB cable and ran the tool:


The device is found and the firmware update can be started. In my case the firmware was v7.50 and is now updated to v9.60. After the update the hub needs to be power-cycled and then it works like it should at USB3-speeds!